What Not to Do

Wypipo, stop pretending you’re shocked by Charlottesville, white nationalists are in the white house for f*ck’s sake by Erin White 8/14/17

“The white reluctance to see the toxic ideologies that have enabled white cops to disproportionately kill Black citizens signifies the complete and utter skepticism of the Black American experiences that have been conveyed to you. There are no more excuses to be silent.”
Summary: it’s disrespectful to express shock at these events after Black activists have spent years bringing these issues into the public eye and Trump has been openly racist

Maybe now isn’t the time, guys by Danielle Belton 8/13/17

“If you hear black people and other people of color voicing their pain about racism, racists, systemic racism, racist protests and other injustices and interpret that as “But, but, but … what about me? I’m good!”
Are you really good? You just made a person’s murder by terrorism about you. You just made a man getting beaten by actual racists about you. You just made Trump’s refusal to say “White supremacists” about you. You hear someone shouting, “OMG, these white racists and the assholes who voted them into power are terrible,” and you wonder if they meant you. You think we should prioritize your delicate feelings over our loss, our pain and the actual death of a person.
You are so vain, you think this movement is about you.
Seriously. What is wrong with you right now?”

7 unmistakeable signs your allyship is performative  by Liz Brazile 8/15/17

Summary: craving validation, centering yourself, not listening, not taking risks, engaging in respectability politics

Tina Fey’s response to Charlottesville is white privilege personified by Isha Aran 8/18/17

“Ignoring Nazis isn’t taking the high road. Protesting and facing potential danger is taking the high road. Obviously, we cannot afford to sit at home. While I wholeheartedly believe “sheetcaking” is a great coping mechanism that can cure many a broken heart, and supporting Jewish and black-owned businesses is a great thing, the last time we let Nazis scream into the empty air, it ended up in a fucking genocide.”


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